Investment Options In India

Investment Options in India for various Income Groups

Investment is a smart strategy to save and make more money. People spend more on various investment options in India with a hope to get good value for money.

Investment Options In India for High Investment Return

Earn 33% ROI per year with 100% Capital Security

We offer unique investment grow approach where all the investments are secured 100%. Earn 33% Return on investment per year and minimum locking period is 1 year. Investment in India team introduced brand new investment strategy that helps customers to gain 33% on return on investments with 100% capital security with real estate venture located in Whitefield, Bangalore, India. This is 100% capital secure investment in India grow approach.

For Best Investment Strategy and Investment Returns, Our Investment In India provides following options

Best Investments In India Plan: 

Invest $50,000 or more and earn 33% return on investment per year with 100% capital security (Ask How). Minimum locking period is 1 year.

Monthly return on investments options available from 13 month onward, contact Investment In India team for more details.

Good Investments In India Plan: 

Plan A:  Invest $25,000 or more and earn 24% return on investment per year with 100% capital security (Ask How). Invest $2000 every month for 12 months. Minimum locking period is 1 year.

If you are strategic investor and looking for great investment opportunities please contact us, we would be happy assist you custom developed investment options. Our professionals had rich proven experience in developing high return solutions with capital security.  Check out our investment in India options and explore how it suits for you.

Real Estate

Especially for all income groups, real estate investment in India is a best opportunity to raise money. You can buy condos, apartments or land which has mortgage per month equal to or below rent to be paid each month. Down payment can be a biggest hurdle for you. Banks charge 20% of actual property price. However, you can apply for loan if you have lower sum than it in case of having good credit. After making down payment, you can rent the home out for making profit or move to your home.

Mutual Funds

In mutual funds, a trustee or company uses different investors to invest in bonds, stocks, assets or other opportunities of investments collectively. Basically, an investor doesn’t choose the option of investment. His basic role is to invest money. In most mutual funds, you can start with a very small amount, i.e. $250. In mutual funds, a bit of time is required to save money. It becomes possible to invest small amount of money per month once initial amount is invested. Most low-income investors choose this investment option because most options in it are very convenient to them. Though it may not provide guaranteed returns, it is surely a wise option of investment for small-income investors and beginners.

Savings Account

A low-income family can keep a bit of amount aside in every monthly paycheck. Investor gets a specific amount of interest on the amount they saved. Interest rate on savings account in most banks is around 1 to 2 percent. Though it seems lower than other options of investment in India, it provides assured return.

IDA or Individual Development Accounts

Especially for low-income groups, IDA is very popular idea of investment. Individual Development Accounts are basically like savings accounts. But it is connected to a sponsor whose main role is to match every penny invested by you in IDA with predefined amount. Due to the contribution of sponsors, every rupee deposited by you really increases its value. This way, your account can witness faster growth because sponsors match each dollar with 2 to 3 dollars in some cases. Most credit unions or banks are the best ways to set up your IDA.